Red Mirror

Red Mirror

I took this photograph “Red Mirror” of the Bogue Sound in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. Looking out over the sound at sunset evokes a feeling of tranquility and peace. The water’s surface can be so placid. The red colors in this image were not present at sunset. They appeared after the sun vanished beneath the horizon. The reflection of the sound was amazing. This photograph does not do the scene justice.

Camera & Settings

Red Mirror was taken with a Canon 70D with an 18-55mm Canon Lens set at 27mm. It was taken on May 4, 2015, at 7:56 PM. The film speed was set at 100 ISO. The aperture and shutter settings were ƒ22 and 1/6th of a second. The image type was RAW and post-processing was done in Adobe Lightroom.

Image Background

The image Red Mirror was the result of a failed attempt to create an HDR image. My camera and tripod were new. The concept of HDR was new to me. I still have not mastered the process. While I had practiced how to configure the camera and use the tripod, I struggled with both. Locking and leveling my tripod was a major accomplishment. HDR was not working the way it had when I had practiced. It was amazing how easy it was to create an HDR shot when not looking at a beautiful sunset. The first few images came out blurred and not bracketed. This was a combination of not knowing how to use my camera and tripod. Forty-eight exposures later, I was cold and unsure that any shot was worth keeping.

Thankfully, this image jumped out at me unlike “A Gentle End.” This serves as a reminder that you have to know how to work your camera. Sunsets do not wait for you to figure out your equipment.